welcome to the bottomless pit of hell !

I wanna go Home


more about me!


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I am a 16 year old bisexual teen from France, I am an atheist, I listen to radiohead, daft punk, classical music and all other musical styles. I love reading and cinema, im open to alls styles of litterature. My favorite food is cofee. Also, im virgo, whatever this means. I love playing videogames, my favorites ones are Fallout new vegas, Team Fortress 2 and alls kinds of retro games.

toxic people
catholics or any other religious people

Also, im very pessimist and i know it, so dont interact if you dont wanna get your day ruined by my bads energies. If you dont mind, interact keeping in mind the dni list ^^


About Me Section :

My favorites movies :

-The godfather

-The big Lebowski

-Fight Club (obviously)

-Donnie Darko

-The seventh Seal


-The killer

-Apocalyspe Now

There is a lot more so maybe i will create a link.